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Slingerland Classes

Options to Meet Your Needs

Slingerland® Literacy Institute offers many options for educators who need:  

  • Targeted areas of literacy/language training (Short Classes)  

  • Training that is more integrated in scope (Basics Class)  

  • Comprehensive training of skills (Comprehensive Classes)   

All classes are based on adaptations made by Beth Slingerland to the multisensory approach developed by Anna Gillingham and Bessie Stillman, and based on the research findings of Dr. Samuel T. Orton. Beth Slingerland collaborated with Gillingham and Stillman to develop the classroom adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham Approach. See a full list of class descriptions below.

"More often than not, my top recommendation for children with reading challenges is Slingerland®. I’ve seen firsthand that it is a powerful and effective approach. Children who return to me for follow-up testing after receiving Slingerland® instruction present with increased confidence. They are more accurate and fluent readers, and their writing is notable for increased handwriting precision and automaticity."


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Sustaining Slingerland Skills

For those who have already taken Slingerland classes and those who have been certified at the Teacher or Instructor level, we also provide ongoing professional development. Sustaining Slingerland Skills workshops provide opportunities to review best practices and go deeper into elements of the Slingerland® Approach. 

Each workshop provides 3.0 hours of CEU credit to maintain Slingerland Certification.

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Graduate Level College Extension Credits

Participants in Slingerland® Comprehensive Classes, Short Classes, Basics Classes, and workshops may receive graduate-level extension credits upon completion of the class or program. These credits are not part of a degree program; however, participants may contact their university of choice for acceptance of credits for a Slingerland course. Enrollment for credit is at the option of the participant.  

If enrolling for graduate level extension credits for Slingerland® classes through University of San Diego, please follow this link to their site: USD Slingerland Classes. Attendees must enroll for graduate level extension credits BEFORE the class begins. Enrolling through University of San Diego’s site does not automatically complete registration for a Slingerland® class. Attendees are required to register and pay for the Slingerland® class through the online store or the links provided.

Clock Hours (WA Only)

In Washington, SLI classes are approved for clock hours through my247ed. View the website listing for all classes and the number of approved clock hours here. Create an account to access the information. While there is no cost for creating an account, clock hour fees will apply.

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