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The Slingerland® Literacy Institute designed and developed print and cursive fonts featuring explicitly-taught letter formations used by teachers across the U.S. and also in Slingerland® instructional materials. Purchase grants access to the fonts and an individual license for personal use.


These fonts make it easy to create word lists, decoding lists, reading phrases and paragraphs, and other materials needed for handwriting and literacy instruction.


The Slingerland Fonts: Print pack includes three fonts:


  • SLI Text Regular (designed with creation of example texts for decoding, dictation, and copyingin mind)
  • SLI Print (extra spacing betwen letters to aid creation of materials and manipulatives)
  • SLI Print Arrows (includes guides for creation of letter formation)


 Just purchase, download, and install!


*For bulk orders of font licenses, email us at for pricing.

Slingerland Fonts: Print

  • Slingerland Fonts: Users License Agreement

    User has license to use the Slingerland Font(s) purchased from Slingerland® Literacy Institute, but must refer to the font as Slingerland Font. The Slingerland Font cannot be modified by creators or users. Users/creators cannot make, share, or publish stand-alone copies of any Slingerland Font. Commercial use is not permitted without express, written permission from Slingerland® Literacy Institute. All Rights Reserved.

    Full End Users License Agreement included with purchase and available here.

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