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Individuals seeking certification or recertification at any level are required to provide proof of a criminal background check within the past three years. Having a criminal record does not necessarily bar you from earning certification.


Purchase this only if you need Slingerland® Literacy Institute (SLI) to conduct a criminal history check on your behalf.



1. Purchase the Criminal Background Check

2. Download the provided Criminial Background Check Request fill-in-form

3. Complete the form (no further payment necessary)

4. Return the form to Slingerland® Literacy Institute

  • Initial Certification at any Level: Email the completed form to 
  • Renewal of Certification at any Level: Add to the Slingerland CST and CSIT Recertification Background Check assignment

5. Slingerland® Literacy Institute will conduct the background check and share the results with you.

Criminal History Background Check

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