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Strategic Partners

The Slingerland® Literacy Institute seeks to build strategic partnerships with organizations sharing a common passion to promote and maintain high quality, research-based literacy instruction for all. Strategic partners can include public schools, independent schools, and school districts.  

Becoming a strategic partner with the Slingerland® Literacy Institute creates public recognition for organizations that fully engage with the most effective, available classroom literacy program - the Slingerland® Approach. Strategic partners realize the supportive, interactive benefits of shared resources and expertise from Slingerland®, an IMSLEC-accredited, national non-profit organization. 

Strategic Partner: Hamlin Robinson School


Hamlin Robinson School, in Seattle, WA is a strategic partner of the Slingerland® Literacy Institute. As a strategic partner, Hamlin Robinson School:  

  • Maintains organizational membership with the Slingerland® Literacy Institute. 

  • Ensures all classes using the Slingerland® Approach consistently implement the complete Slingerland® format. 

  • Ensures all teachers who provide Slingerland® instruction to students have satisfactorily completed no less than the Slingerland® Approach (Introductory) Comprehensive Teacher Training class. 

  • Provides paid on-site supervision of the Slingerland® program by a Slingerland® Literacy Institute certified instructor as well as annual staff development for teachers trained in the Slingerland® Approach.  

  • Makes Slingerland® classrooms available for observation throughout the academic year for outside educators, parents, and SLI staff. 

  • Makes Slingerland® mentor teachers at the school available to host teachers-in-training for practicum modules. 

  • Offers onsite Slingerland® Approach Comprehensive Teacher Training classes at least every two years.  

  • Seeks SLI approval for onsite Slingerland® workshops and marketing and follows trademark guidelines.  

  • Participates in the annual Slingerland® instructor meetings. 

  • Receives administrative and/or board support for the Slingerland® program and submits annual compliance records. 

  • Maintains a live link to the Slingerland® Literacy Institute website. 

Learn More

To learn more about becoming a strategic partner, please contact Seth Watkins:

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