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Whole Classroom Success

My son’s attitude toward school and learning has taken a 180˚ turn. It feels like a small miracle that he was pleased to go to school, was excited to show us what he was learning, and how it was taught. This affirmation of his intelligence and ability will continue to buoy his sense of self.



The Slingerland® Approach is a supportive instructional program. Students of various reading abilities can experience consistent success, which in turn builds their self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning. 

The Slingerland® Approach offers many advantages for whole classroom instruction: 

  • An explicit, structured, multisensory approach that builds the strengths of each student 

  • Inclusion of many components (principles of instruction) found by rigorous research studies to show strong evidence of effectiveness 

  • Adaptability to any classroom setting 

  • Adaptability to most curricular materials 

  • Effectiveness for students with a full range of reading abilities - including those with dyslexia, English language learners, or any barriers to language-based learning 

  • Efficient use of instructional time 

  • Cost savings 

  • Effectiveness for a 1-1 setting, small group, classroom, entire school, or an entire school district 

Unlike many other structured literacy programs, the Slingerland® Approach includes a handwriting component for both manuscript and cursive, reinforcing kinesthetic-motor pathways for students. 

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