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Schools & Organizations

Throughout the U.S., many schools, tutoring agencies, and learning centers have professionals trained in the Slingerland® Approach. The degree to which these organizations use the approach can vary significantly. 

Hamlin Robinson School, located in Seattle, WA, is a full Strategic Partner, with all classroom teachers trained in the Slingerland® Approach and meeting all other partnership qualifications. 

Here are some questions to ask schools identifying themselves as providing Slingerland® instruction:  


  • How is Slingerland® Instruction provided – in the classroom, in small group pull‐out programs, or individually?  (The Slingerland® Approach may be presented in any of these formats. ) 

  • How much time is allotted for handwriting, spelling and written language, and reading?  

  • How are students grouped for instruction?     

  • Is there planning for individual needs?     

  • Are students actively engaged?  

  • Does the school consider all curriculum when planning for your student?    

  • Does the school provide Slingerland® supervision or in‐service training for faculty? 

The list below provides links to schools who employ multiple faculty members trained in the Slingerland® Approach: 

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