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In modern society handwriting is a skill needed by almost everyone to meet everyday demands. It is required for filling out application forms, writing checks, leaving notes, and performing other acts too numerous to list. Handwriting as a basic skill must, therefore, be taught to children who are ready (usually in first grade) to begin to learn to read, spell, and write.


The Manual for Teaching Manuscript 2nd Edition explains in detail how to plan effective lessons to teach handwriting to learners of all ages. This text includes explanations of how to teach letter forms, practice with students to develop automaticity, and use written letters in conjunction with auditory stimulus.


This text is only available as a digital text through our dedicated eReader.


After you order the text, you will be contacted within two business days by the Slingerland Front Office with information on how to access your ebook.

Manual for Teaching Manuscript - 2nd Edition

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