Tutoring Resources

The Slingerland® Literacy Institute offers to share the names of tutors and educational/screening professionals who have satisfactorily completed one or more Slingerland® courses. The Slingerland® Literacy Institute neither certifies nor guarantees the quality of any of the persons listed. They are independent contractors. The choice of professional services and student monitoring is the responsibility of the student’s primary caregiver.   

When Selecting Educational Professionals: 

  • Check the provider's credentials. Ask about training, relevant experience and references. 
  • The provider should be trained in teaching methods, such as the Slingerland® Approach, known to address specific literacy needs.  
  • The provider should set clear goals and provide an instructional plan (ideally with participation by the student’s classroom teacher). 
  • Sessions should include hands-on learning and be interactive. The provider should utilize explicit, systematic instruction and guided practice.  
  • Request periodic reports from the instructor.  
  • If possible, schedule instruction for the time of day when the student is most ready to learn. 
  • Remember improvement takes time. In particular, students with learning differences need frequent practice and repetition to master skills. 

Certified Resource Provider (CRP)

These providers have completed at least two levels of Slingerland® training. They have also participated and passed the rigorous Slingerland® certification process. 

General Resource Provider (GRP)

These providers are individuals who have completed at least two levels of Slingerland® training or organization members that offer professional resource. 

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