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The resources made available on our website are provided to offer additional information to parents and guardians, educators, or anyone interested in literacy. Knowledgeable and proactive supporters play a critical role in the educational journey of any student! 

Other ways parents can support students: 

  • Seek resources to better understand learning differences

  • Offer consistent, ongoing encouragement and support 

  • Provide time and space to talk 

  • Listen to the child’s feelings and help them to attach language to emotion 

  • Be your child's advocate 

  • Seek educational instruction that will ignite your child's potential 

  • Avoid comparisons to siblings 

  • Support your child’s strengths (academic areas, arts, sports, etc.) 

Other ways teachers can support students: 

  • Reward effort, not just results  

  • Acknowledge perseverance  

  • Set attainable goals and celebrate successes  

  • Avoid using words like "lazy" and phrases like "just try harder"  

  • Utilize the best instructional methods that include multi-sensory, structured literacy approaches 

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