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Why Does Certification Matter?

Certification matters differently to educators, administrators, and parents.

For Teachers

Attaining certification:

  • indicates your level of skill and flexibility to best serve your students

  • sets you apart as a professional dedicated to your craft

  • opens the door to a community of like-minded educators who support each other

German Teacher
Math Teacher

For Administrators

Encouraging certification:

  • ensures you have the highly-skilled educators your school needs

  • sets the bar for excellence and skill within your school

  • communicates to the community at large that you are investing in the best prepared educators

For Parents, Guardians, and Other Invested Adults

Seeking Certified Educators:

  • verifies that your student’s educator is an expert in their field

  • connects your students to teachers prepared to help them learn

  • ensures that your child's teacher has the backup of a supportive structured literacy community

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