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This DIGRAPH & TRIGRAPH CARD PACK is intended for teaching simultaneous visual-auditory-kinesthetic associations of common digraphs and trigraphs. These cards are supplemental material for the Slingerland Approach .


Each card contains a digraph or trigraph in lower-case manuscript letters (SLI Text font), with key word and illustration (original artwork). Includes: ch-chair, ch-chemistry, ch-chef, ck-sock, dge-bridge, gn-gnat, kn-knife, ph-phone, sh-ship, tch-match, th-this, th-thumb, wh-wheel, wr-wrench.


The cards (5x5 inches) are designed to be used as wall cards in a classroom and are appropriate for any instructional setting.

Copyright® 2023 Slingerland® Literacy Institute/

Digraph & Trigraph Pack for Classroom/Instructional Use

SKU: 1700

6+ Order Discount - Digraph & Trigraph Pack

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