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Classes Past and Future

January 2024 was a banner month for Slingerland: our scheduled online classes were 100% booked. The demand for SLI classes continues to grow, only limited by the number of available instructors.


I was able witness the power of Slingerland when I sat in on a recent online Techniques of Teaching Handwriting class. The instructor, Maryjane Palmer, Ed.D., is truly an expert on the topic of handwriting instruction. So, what was it like?


Day one started with background information on the Slingerland® Approach and an overview of how teaching handwriting is foundational to other areas of literacy. All the information was great, but taking a class on a Friday afternoon is challenging. I could see the teachers nodding along onscreen -- interested but subdued.


And then Dr. Palmer worked her magic: she switched to a doc camera, she held up her Slingerland Alphabet cards, and she taught us how to write a cursive letter T.


Suddenly, the class participants lit up with excitement and understanding. Some were tracing the letter in the air and naming it as students would. Some held up their cards and practiced writing the letter backwards so imaginary students could see the letter formed correctly. They were all smiling, laughing, and learning.


I learned to write the best cursive T.


I wish I could shout out all our instructors individually. Like Dr. Palmer, they embody the Slingerland mission of ensuring excellence in literacy for all. Whether they still teach in a classroom or have other roles in education, we are so grateful that they take the time to teach our classes.


The Slingerland® Approach unlocks learning. Our instructors unlock the Approach.


If you’d like to experience a class or know someone else who might, Slingerland currently has online and in-person classes ready for registration. More classes will be added soon. Follow the links below for details on each class:


Short Classes: Focused classes on elements of the Slingerland® Approach


Comprehensive Classes: Classes teaching the full Slingerland® Approach with practicum


San Jose, Ca: with Shirley Hitchcock

Honolulu, HI: with Sue Winters

Seattle, WA: with Kay Nelson, Emma Lopez, and Lindsey Key

San Francisco/Mill Valley, CA: with Nancy Cushen White

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