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Slingerland Certification Renewal Portal

Notes from the Executive Director's Desk Banner

Supporting the Certified

Slingerland® Literacy Institute is always trying to improve our processes to make your life easier, especially when it comes to renewing certification. We understand that tracking and submitting your renewal information can be time-consuming and confusing. We want to make that better.

We have created a new Slingerland Certification Renewal Portal that guides you through the process of renewing your certification, puts all required forms at your fingertips, and automates many of the processes.

Once you have logged into the portal, you can start saving your Continuing Education Unit paperwork in once place to ensure it's available when you're ready to renew.

How Does it Work?

The year before your certification is due to renew, the Front Office will email your email on record with all of the instructions to log into the portal.

If you would like access before that, just send an email to the Front Office, and we will set you up with what you need.

The portal itself is broken down into five parts:

  1. Before you Begin

    1. instructions on how to apply for renewal

    2. instruction how to use the portal

  2. Renewal Applications

    1. applications to renew your highest level of certification

  3. Background Check and SLI Subscription

    1. Background checks are required every three years

    2. Slingerland Subscription must be active

  4. CEU Documentation

    1. The IMSLEC CEU policy is available in full

    2. Forms have been created for easy completion based on each type of approved CEU

  5. Confirm Completion

    1. Submit your renewal fee via the provided link

    2. Confirm completion of Renewal Materials

What's So Bad About It?

Really, nothing. We have already had several members of our Faculty Senate complete the whole process. The portal is simple, easy to use, and walks you through what needs to be done.

Once the renewal portfolio of materials is compelted, it is sent to the Certification Committee for review. They make a recommendation to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, who then confirms the certification.

Certification is valid for three years.

To Those Seeking Certification Renewal

Thank you for your dedication to Slingerland® Literacy Institute and for understanding the importance of maintaining your certification. Your commitment to your professional growth and your intention to keep the highest standards for teaching each of your students help make the SLI mission successful: Excellence in Education for All Learners.


Seth Watkins

Executive Director

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